Week 8: Delurking

This is really terrible–one should not have to delurk on her own blog. But the weeks have been flicking past, and I cannot in good conscience leave my poor little blog (and readers) neglected. Last fall I did week-by-week updates, with success, so let’s try that again this semester.

Knitting–I had terrific success with my spate of baby knits. Baby Blue Ears and the coordinating Preppy Toadstool Rattle (Ravlink!) were happily received by our head of adult services (Her first baby received the inaugural Nautie, and she still has it!). Jacques the Octopus, pictured above, went to a fellow Circ employee, and given his success among my coworkers, I can only hope that he is not kidnapped by the baby-to-be’s older sisters before the little one arrives.

This picture of the Thundercloud cardigan is about three weeks old, but don’t signify because I had to rip the back almost all the way back to this point following a little gauge mistake. Rawther, following my discovery that I hadn’t gotten gauge, circa where I was set to begin armhole shaping. Augh.

School–In a few short weeks, I have gone from being able to fit everything in one 2″ binder to needing three 2″ binders. We will not go into detail on this one.

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