Week 10: Do Not Tell Me It’s Week 10

…Because if this is week 10, that means I need to start working on some class projects.

Moving on to happy thoughts: Sunday was Stella’s Adoption Day!

The day was nothing out of the ordinary–she threw up on my carpet at 5 in the morning, sat and watched Sunday Morning with us, the usual Sunday things–but it’s so strange to think we’ve had her for a year. In that time, she has developed a ridiculously large vocabulary (eat, sit, and walk, but also bed, dressed, cheese, shoes, and kiss, to name just a few) and an affinity for nesting, as pictured above. I was changing the sheets on my bed, and she came over and plunked right down in them, nevermind that they were right in the entrance to my room.

I love having a dog, for all the barfing in beds and on carpets, and will say it loud and clear: if you want a dog, rescue dogs are the best! Mutts have excellent personalities, and there are too many dogs out there without good homes and loving, responsible owners. We were lucky enough to find Stella by chance (literally, the first dog we saw when we went to the pound), but Petfinder is another great resource that will show you how many dogs (and cats) are out there in need of homes.

In knitty news, I am taking a day to do some stash-diving (and me knitting) while waiting for the back of Mum’s Thundercloud cardigan to dry. If it shrinks to the right gauge, I’m done with that piece, if not, I have to rip out the last dozen rows and bind off from there. For all I think this is a brilliant pattern, I’m really hoping it dries to the right size, because I’m kind of getting tired of obsessively measuring my knitting.

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