Day and a Half

This has been one of those days in which you just go go go… and it never gets any later. After getting out at the crack of dawn to trim back the poor sad tree in our backyard that got blown over in Thursday’s storm so we can actually lift the thing back up,

Las hermanitas y yo baked cupcakes,

and I was inspired to back up all my files, and after a major clearing out, I got them all of two discs (!!!).

And let’s not forget watching the Olympics! It would be so easy to get disgusted with the commercialization, the politicalization, etc., etc and say forget it. The Olympics are definitely not purely about sportsmanship. But seriously. How could they be? Two hundred-some national identities and egos colliding head-on in the competitive and money soaked field of sports, presented by one culture, interpreted by another–! My inner anthropologist thrills to the cultural messages flying fast and furious, my inner knitter thrills to the amount of possible knitting time, and seriously, who doesn’t thrill to the prospect of watching Michael Phelps cut through the water all weekend?

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