Whew. Olympic viewing has resulted in sleep deprivation of Olympic proportions. But for knitting time, it can’t be beat.

Gigi is finished, not just the knitting but the neverending finishing too. More on that after I corner my photographer.

My next focus is Christmas knitting (it feels too early, but I’m trying to avoid daylong knitting sessions come Dec.), but I can’t very well do any of that while mi familia looks on, so I dug back into the stash.

A scarf, just long enough to be worn cravat-style about one’s neck. I used the ripple pattern (#116 in the Vogue Stitchionary–beware, the second set of k2tog’s are supposed to be ssk’s), some black fuzzy acrylic bought many and many a year ago, and (you guessed it) some more of the neverending Homespun. I cast on enough stitches for one pattern repeat and knit until the black ran out. Did I use up all the Homespun?

Of course not.

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