Missing: Two Weeks

My goodness–has it really been two weeks since I’ve blogged–or indeed, made any real presence on the blogosphere? I’m going to fall back on a classic and say there are quite simply not enough hours in the day. This isn’t the fault of school or work (for once). I’m trying to keep this summer as summer-like as possible, and that means forcing myself not to cram in that one more project, one more book, one more post. There will be plenty of time for running around like a chicken with my head cut off once fall semester starts.

We all know I haven’t found time for blogging, but I have found time to knit. The back of Gigi is complete, as is the front left, and the back is well underway.

I would’ve dearly loved to knit a sweater in the round (I have my eye on a steeked cardigan a la EZ), but doing a sweater in pieces does give one interesting perspectives, not to mention the opportunity to try out a different suite of techniques.

The back piece was an exercise in symmetry. Once I got past the sleeve set up (fraught with stitch counts), it was 9 inches of seriously meditative knitting.

At the top, I got to practice my short-row shaping skills (or lack thereof). I’ve got the wrapping action down, but when I go to knit the wraps with their stitches, one side comes out with these big loops on the wrong side. Yes, I’m the only person who will ever see them. No, it shouldn’t matter. But they irk me all the same.

The front (which I don’t have pictures of) was neither meditative nor symmetrical. One one side, I had the familiarity of that wide sleeve, but the other was uncharted territory. The neckline edging didn’t make any sense until I had a few rows done, and in the meantime I had to keep the decrease/increase rates right.

Now for the right front, with its buttonholes and a third shot at practicing my short rows. Wish me luck!

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