The Judicious Use of Elastic

You know that clear elastic jewelry thread they sell at every big craft chain? A little goes a long way.

One thread through the waistband of my pleated skirt was enough to correct its tendency to give in to gravity. Had I known that when I made Monita these armwarmers last Christmas, I never would’ve knitted elastic into both the top and bottom bands of ribbing.

Big mistake. She didn’t wear them for fear of cutting off the blood flow to her lower arms (a well-founded fear), and so I spent a good portion of this week picking out the rib and reknitting it without the elastic. The bands were just black, no red thank goodness, and so it was an easy fix.

No news on the stash front. I have a few projects going, but they are gifts, and so shall not meet the light of day. Once Spring Break is over, I will fall back into my old pattern of knitting to stave off insanity, and projects (with pictures) will follow.

Happy Knitting!

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