Beware the Ides of March

And also knitting with Bamboo on dpns.

My current (secret) stash project involves some leftovers from a stole I made out of Southwest Trading Company’s Bamboo, worked in the round on dpns. I thought it would be perfect out and about knitting–just round and round, no pattern to speak of–but I was sadly mistaken.

Every time I pull it out of my bag, several stitches have managed to slip off the ends of one needle or another. Or all three. I went up to four needles from three to mitigate the travel damage, even though I don’t like the way that configuration fits in my hand (not stable enough). Unfortunately, the improvement is minor.

The irony here is that the bamboo yarn is on bamboo needles–supposedly less slippery than metal. I shudder to think what my project would look like if I had attempted the metal ones.

In spite of all the Bamboo yarn’s efforts, I am progressing. Slowly, unused stash yarn is being transformed into Useful Objects. That’s another of my…issues. I can not stand making Useless Objects. But that’s a story for another entry.

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