We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programme

Spring break has been over for about a week now. Over with a vengeance.

In between my History of English project, the Wari (cool people–not enough research on them), and the Tiwanaku (interesting if I didn’t have to cram an entire book on them), I have rediscovered Quant.

There is more to this little project than meets the eye. Tiny little bits of stockinette are muy fácil, and the rows work up fast. However, my eyes must be squarely focused on my needles as I work, which precludes reading of any kind and definitely puts a damper on attending to a lecture.

Additionally, there is the issue of the ends. With this color sequence, I have to cut the yarn after every row. As if lopping off small sections of irreplaceable, unmatchable stash yarn wasn’t stressful enough, it leaves a veritable fringe along the sides.

In short, my fast, simple project dedicated to those short snatches of spare time has turned out to be a beast of a different stripe (check). I still enjoy it, and knitting backwards still makes me feel clever, but it is not the project for Now. The Now knitting will appear shortly, along with a new list of woes. I mean assignments.

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