Final Sale

Every semester, right around midterms, when I’m feeling least charitable towards institutions of higher learning and yearning most for a break, registration for the next semster opens. I hate that. Each time, it feels like you’re selling your soul–in advance.

So this Friday, registration opened once again, and I sold my soul away…for the last time. Barring alien invasion, my university being razed to the ground, and/or loss of multiple limbs, this fall will be my last semester.

(As an undergrad. But we won’t talk about grad school right now.)


I’m so excited.

In knitty news, I finished the Patternless Stash Shawl. It is a behemoth.

I rawther like it, and it looks good on me.

(Maybe not with my Shins shirt.)

As the temperature climbs past 80, I don’t find myself with a pressing need for a shawl, however, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

But it is finished. This means that all the yarn is used up, right?

Not quite.

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