Half a Librarian

Half of a knitted vest
Half a librarian

Thank you, everyone, for hanging in there through me grumping–and then disappearing. I was out of town for a few days, and now I am back. My inbox has been gathering enough e-mails in my absence to start pulling objects with low mass into its gravitational field, but before I go there I wanted to show you some knitting.

Red knitted mouse peeking its head out of a knitting bag
By the time we got on our last plane, Mousie was ready to be home

Three projects came with me, and for once, I needed them all: *%$# Christmas gift, Epic Seas stole, and Sexxxy Librarian vest. I polished off the last of the knitting on the Christmas gift on my first plane–now I just have to go back to do the finishing and give it a bath. Next flight was a little one, and had two children who screamed blue murder the second their seatbelts were fastened. There was no way I was going to read a chart through that, so I knitted on the Librarian vest and wondered why a five-year-old was screaming like her one-year-old brother instead of running through the usual five-year-old **whine/forced cry/demand everything she can’t have, repeat from ** to landing routine.

Nobody else on the flight knew either. We all made it through to landing, and by the time I joined the desperate charge away from these awful children, I was several inches into the bust increases.

The Epic Seas stole got its turn on the flights home, but please don’t get excited for a picture. It looks exactly the same as it did at Sunset Crater. Believe me. I only got through half of a chart, so you can’t even see that it’s longer. Even still, I am pleased with all the knitting I accomplished. With the Christmas gift out of the way, I am going to take a day or two to knit for me. Who knows–maybe I’ll end the weekend with three quarters of a librarian!

Do you bring your knitting on flights? Do you have a go-to travel project, or like me, do you just grab whatever is on the needles?

9 responses to “Half a Librarian”

  1. Usually socks but last week I brought socks for wide awake knitting and a circular scarf in fingering weight for half a sleep knitting.
    Sorry you had a noisy flight, glad it was a short one.

  2. I can’t wait to see the librarian in it’s finished form. Love the color!

    Kids on an airplane are not fun. I only did that once with young kids. My daughter screamed and thrashed about and finally threw up on me. I’m sure everyone on the plane hated me- I even hated me a little. It was the last flight I took with my kids until my youngest was 7.

    • Thanks! It’s very similar in color to one of the pattern samples–I cannot resist that color!

      Oh no–that sounds like a pretty awful experience! I’m sure you handled it a lot better than the parents I saw.

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