Like the Pictures

Did anyone decipher that fuzzy little logo on the wingtip in Tuesday’s post? Yes, that’s the Aer Lingus logo.

Librarians are tricky–they plan conferences with rawther dry titles like Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries…and then tell you that that conference will be in Ireland. I had a paper that needed publishing, and the conference committee thought it sounded nice enough for me to present, too, so we were off.

At first, it looked like this:

Purple and white painted building outside Shannon Airport, Ireland
Shannon Airport, while super easy to get around in, is not exactly prepossessing first thing on a grey Sunday morning.

Then, it looked like this:

White sheep in a green field in County Clare, Ireland
I was really too pleased to see my first field of sheep. It took a while, too…someone clearly missed the memo that I was there to see sheep in fields and put out all the cows.

Mousie was incredibly pleased with our hotel. I was incredibly pleased with the Expedia offer that put this hotel within reach!

Red knitted mouse on a white duvet with a purple brocade pillow.
Mousie loved the big poufy bed. I loved that the linens were pristine.

This is the view out our hotel window:

St. Michael's, Limerick, Ireland
I died when I saw our view.

And they had tea, with some of the best scones I’ve ever eaten.

Red knitted mouse on the edge of a plate with a scone, butter, and jam.
Mousie agrees that tea and scones is better in a cool, dawmpish country.

4 responses to “Like the Pictures”

  1. You are a jet setting, global, published librarian!
    That is so awesome. I just had to state the obvious. 🙂

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