Friends in High Places

I came out into the living room with the intention of continuing my punishment–I mean, finals–but Stella came and got into my lap before I had a chance to get my binder or my knitting, so another post it is.

(Yes, I could just move the dog and get my stuff. But she’s just so cute and contented up here. And my brain isn’t working quite right for homework purposes.)

Final the first has been sent in, final the second is *done* and just needs one more looking over before it can be sent in (that’s the article article article paper I was talking about the other day), which means I am down to one last final paper. I’d be thrilled to dickens if the thought of writing another paper didn’t give me such a humongo headache.

In knitty news: Hermanita’s Patternless Christmas Gift has been frogged and is back on track. I brought my knitting to work with me to do my dirty deed. As it turned out, one of my coworkers was in the break room, too. I’ve found that non-knitters fall into two camps when you tell them you are about to undo a portion of your knitting: the Oh No! camp and the Can I Help camp. Luckily for me, my coworker fell into the latter camp, and not only that, but she skeined the yarn up between her hands as she ripped (I was holding the work in my lap to make sure we didn’t frog too far). Cool, but here’s why it’s really cool: she’s six feet tall. Ergo she has a six foot wingspan. We got that 4″ frogged in no time, and rather than the chubby little tangle I would have made, she left me with a long, skinny skein that I just twisted up and popped in my knitting bag. Onward!

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