Week 16: Such Great Heights

I liked that song when it was a radio song, but I came to absolutely love it when my Pandora started playing it and I learned the lyrics. The freckles in our eyes are mirror images… *sigh*

That song has nothing to do with Week 16 of this or any semester, except for the title. Once madness starts, it begins to escalate, and reaches such great heights more quickly than any sane person could contemplate in Weeks 1-4.

On one hand, I am trawling through research papers about people looking up health info online and scribbling down hypotheses, samples, and variables like I’ve got good sense. The madness here is not that I have no interest in medicine and would be an abysmal health librarian. I chose the topic because UA also has a med school, so they have just about every volume of every medical journal available online and I could spend the next 10 years doing this without ever hitting that “article not available” dead end.

The madness is inherent in the repetitive nature of the assignment–hypothesis, sample, variables, outcomes, write it all down and move on to the next article. I’m not trying to diss my professor here–he’s here to teach students how to assess the quality of research, and by jiggy, I’m learning how to assess the quality of research. But I’m on article 5 of 10. Hypothesis, sample, variables, outcomes… *giggle*

Other hand: Hermanita’s Christmas gift has hit a snag. Did I mention I have no pattern for this gift? I don’t. I’m cobbling it together as I go along. When I said madness, I meant madness.

She and I are almost the same size, so I was banking on the accuracy of my schematics and being able to try it on as I work to make sure the pattern is working. Only I didn’t have enough to try on until last night, when I discovered that my pattern is not, in fact, working, and I have to rip back 4″ of work. Alack, alay, oh woe, oy vey. On the bright side, my schematics are bang on!

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