Week 15: There’s Madness and then There’s Madness, or Why I Knit Christmas Gifts

Luckily, I have not had so abominable a Monday (or any day) since last posting. That’s not to say all’s roses and kittens in baskets, but definitely less abominable.

As finals and the Christmas season barrel down on me simultaneously, I have had an epiphany about Christmas knitting. There are lots of divergent opinions out there: Laura of Cosmicpluto is doing some gifts this year, Ravelry’s advice columnist has editorialized against gift knitting, and then you have me who knits gifts for everyone almost every year.

I’ve pondered the why my gift-knitting for a while, because it certainly isn’t the cheap way to go, nor is it the stress-free option (although there have been several holiday experiences where I walk into the mall and within minutes want to run out screaming or murder someone, depending on which is more feasible, and that doesn’t count as stress free either). And for the past…6 Christmases (that many?–ye gods!), I have been in college, which means Christmas knitting and the fall semester have a total or near-total overlap. I plunge into my semesters to the point of burnout. I plunge into my knitting to the point of almost burning out. Does doing both at the same time make any sense at all?

Actually, yes. The only thing out there that can truly distract me from my classes is my knitting, and when class deadlines get closer, so do project deadlines. The two work in perfect tandem.

This year promises to be particularly gripping. On one hand, I have three mongo final papers. On the other hand, I have three large Christmas gifts and 23 days to finish them all.

At top you see the gift closest to being done: Mum’s Thundercloud Cardigan. No, that doesn’t look like three months’ work to me, either, but I’m really happy I didn’t run out of yarn. Once I reknit the top of the left front (counting error, augh), seam all the pieces, knit the front bands and hem and sew some buttons on, that one’s done.

Hermanita’s gift is far enough along to warrant a Ravelry page.

Monita’s gift is yarn in a bag.

Let the madness begin.

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