Like the Box

I love my Pandora account. I mean, songs played for free in their entirety–like Martha says, it’s a good thing.

Big however: there is some sort of quirk in the program that will on occasion cause it to take my feedback and absolutely blitz me with music from one particular artist. As a consequence, I will go from ambivalence to their work to utter blazing hatred. Case in point: for years, I never really knew enough Modest Mouse to say what I thought about them. Over the weekend, Pandora decided to load not one but two of my stations with Modest Mouse. Now, I know without doubt that I cannot stand Isaac Brock’s voice, and it is my greatest sorrow that, when I hit the thumbs down button, the action is not accompanied by the sound of explosions and raging flames, because then I would be perfectly justified in shouting Die! Die! at the same time.

Ahem. Having gotten that out of my system, I can report that sleeve the first of the Thundercloud cardigan is complete and sleeve the second is in progress. It looks pretty much exactly the same as the first, but smaller, so I’ll spare you boring pictures.

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