I Make a List

1. The Red Scarf, a.k.a. the Movie Scarf, is in the mail. Yaaay!

2. Pandora has tried to put Modest Mouse on my Death Cab station. Extermination is underway.

3. Pictured drying beside it is my version of the Cisco baby bonnet: Baby Blue Ears. It’s heavily influenced by the brilliant B r o o k l y n t w e e d, and modeled here by Stella. She is such a strange little dog–we can dress her up in just about anything and she’s never particularly bothered. Here, she is very busy watching for her twin nemeses, Cats and Boys on Bicycles. Yes, the fact that I used my dog as a model is part of the reason I washed the bonnet.

4. I’m experiencing a bit of destashing mania. The Baby Blue Ears is all stash yarn, and pictured above is the new sleeve I made for my camera (modeled on Hermanita’s camera) using a dab of Inca Alpaca I’d been saving for something special, paired with a skeinlet of handspun I simply did *not* know what to do with. The combo is nice and dense, which is good because my old camera case was not sufficiently sturdy to stand up to the rigors of my purse.

5. The new Knitty is up, and the navigation is marvelous. I am so impressed, I’m going to post about it in my Digital Collections class if I can find a place.

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