This is the New Year

Gotta love Death Cab.

(Advance apology: all these photos are terribly lit. The fixture on my overhead died.)

To start the new year afresh, we packed away our Christmas decorations, y las hermanitas y yo cleared the deadwood off our bookshelves:

Alack, we are still double-stacking. I managed to fit my entire college education into one drawer of my filing cabinet (good thing or bad thing?)…

And I organized my stash, returning to whence they came the UFOs that I knew I would never finish. Now all my sock yarn is together,

all my yarn of unknown fiber content but definite Latin American origin is together,

and all my wools/wool blends are together, sorted by color family (red, for example).

I’m very against storage in plastic bags on principle, but in practice, I know I’m a messy knitter who has a tendency to chuck stuff into the stash willy nilly. The bags save me the hassle of having to fish through the entire stash to get what I want, and also reduce the chances of balls getting unwound and tangling. Any ideas for more sustainable storage?

Now: in with the new!

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3 thoughts on “This is the New Year

  1. Lise says:

    Luckily I’ve never had ‘an accident’ with moths but I’ve heard about people who have. It sure doesn’t sound fun! I use sealed bags and hope it’s enough 🙂

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