Betwixt and Between

Happy Holidays to all–Christmas blew past me, but we’ve still got New Year’s to help us get down off the holiday buzz. Thanks to everyone in blogland for sharing their celebrations!

Here’s a quick Christmas recap:
I made
~Monkey (a pair of Monkeys?) for Hermanita
~Hedera for Mum
~Gretel for Monita (as chronicled last post)

Plus a lace sachet for Mum of my own design, filled with a mixture of rosebuds and rosemary.

All items were received with enthusiasm, and better yet, everything fit the intended recipients!

Now, I’m trying to balance the urgency of catching up on all the things I should have been doing during the semester (suffice to say the list’s a mile long) with the relaxation that ought to go along with a holiday. So far, so good: Sunday was a graduation dinner with a friend, yesterday was a woollens-washing marathon (much to Stella’s delight).

I have so much planned for the new year–finishing up my UFOs, starting new projects, and taking stock of my stashbusting. Stay tuned!

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