I Live Like a Hermit in My Own Head

(Title from “Marching Bands of Manhattan,” by Death Cab for Cutie).

Dog asleep with her foot in a sewing bag

Thank you, dear readers, for your patience as I continue struggling towards a normal posting schedule. I had never realized it, but my blogging schedule was closely tied to my working schedule. I would take photos and write posts early in the morning, before leaving for work, and as I commuted, I would knit on the projects that would then be photographed and discussed in the next post.

But my jobby job ended with July, and with it my regular schedule. The past two weeks have been chockablock full–with job hunting, with knitting, with deep cleaning–but like hermits, the words stay in my head.

If you will try and stay patient, I will try to shoo the words out.

2 responses to “I Live Like a Hermit in My Own Head”

  1. good luck with the job hunt!! don’t let the blog add to your troubles, just use knitting as a relaxing thing!! (and then blog about it 😉

    • Thanks Lindsey! Knitting has definitely been keeping me relaxed 🙂
      I would be worried if I’d been stymied by writer’s block, but mostly I was unable to sit myself down and open a new blog post!

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