Getting my Knit Together

Thank you everyone for your commiseration on the vest! After nearly sixteen years knitting, I should know that garments need to be tried on before they are nearly finished. But no, I waited to try on the vest until I was halfway done with the collar. What I did not take the time to show you, in Friday’s moment of knitterly fury, was how the vest had turned out far too small, and how my gauge, combined with several inches of negative ease, resulted in a fabric so sheer you could read the logo off any shirt I wore underneath.

The worst part was that when I tried it on, I realized how much I liked the design, how much I wanted to have this vest. Grrr.

After the initial frogging and angst, I took a few deep breaths, measured myself again, went down a needle size, and the vest is now rising from its wooly ashes.

Small piece of knitting on a basket

Fingers crossed for version two. While I was in the knitting zone, I took the time to get other works-in-progress in order. A few gifts are chugging along in the background, and after yesterday’s tidying up, they will soon be ready to reveal!

5 responses to “Getting my Knit Together”

  1. I figured the vest was too small and that’s why you frogged it. But I agree: it is a lovely pattern and I’m glad you are allowing it to rise from the ashes. I’m sure this time it will be the beautiful garment you imagined from the beginning.

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