Not Quite as Planned

Teal tank top blocked out on a towel

The movie blanket keeps coming, slowly, but I am also trying to work on other things. You know, for those occasional times when you don’t want to carry two utility-size skeins’ worth of work on the light rail.

One of the projects I have been attempting to get started up for transit knitting is my Holla Back Tank. I started it last year, and while it’s pretty easy to knit, it’s not a blanket. I have to make it a certain size, and length, so it gets derailed every time I need to measure it.

(A few people on Ravelry have fussed about the lace pattern. I don’t know why. It’s lace, so yeah, you’ll have to check on it a few times a row, but that’s about as bad as it gets.)

The last time I set it aside for measuring, I was pretty sure I was ready to bind of for the underarms. To be sure, I had to block it too. That all happened a week ago, but it is still on it’s blocking towel, because I don’t want to believe what I found. The bottom half of the back (below the waist) is only as long as the bottom half of the front when you yank it into place and pin it down with pins every half inch. Let it go, and it is about an inch shorter. After the body of my Red! cardigan turned out too wide, I don’t want to be hasty, but I’ve measured several times and every time it’s shorter.

Has anyone else knitted this tank? Do you have any tips for me? I don’t mind the ripping back (too much), but how far do I go? Can I add that inch to the space between waist decreases and increases? Or do I have to add it to the bottom, before the decreases? Or if I leave it on the blocking towel and stare hard at it a few times a day, will the length magically appear?

I’m kind of hoping it’s the last one.

4 responses to “Not Quite as Planned”

  1. Eeek. Tough situation. I’d guess you could add it in the middle, between the decreases, but I haven’t knitted the tank, so this is purely a guess. It looks like the decreasing and increasing all happen outside of the central panel.

    • Thanks Cassy! You’re right, decreases happen on the outside of the piece. Right now a mismatch between the end of the decreases between front and back seems (to this anxious knitter) like it would be very noticeable. Think that would blend in after seaming?

      • I think you wouldn’t give it a second thought after seaming if they took place within the same relative space, maybe no more than about an inch apart. If they’re very far apart it might bug you. Maybe you could pin them together and try it on to see what you think.

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