Valentine State

The Centennial is over, thank goodness. We can all sit down and take a deep breath.

Knitted red mouse on a table of posters and trifolds.
Mousie came along to help out when I was tapped to run a table.

I viewed all the hullabaloo from behind a table, which was a rawther safe & comforting place to be for a person who is a little wary around crowds.

Knitted red mouse sitting on the shoulder of Governor George WP Hunt reenactor
Mousie's 15 seconds of fame: sitting on George W.P. Hunt's shoulder

Mousie liked Saturday better, because she got to sit on the shoulder of our Governor Hunt reenactor. Hunt was Arizona’s first governor, and our Tuesday volunteer is a dead ringer for him–right down to the flair for oration.

Bouquet of pink, cream, and green flowers
The other event.

After the hubbub of the Centennial ended, it was Valentine’s Day.

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