The Suburbs

Here we are, stumbling through another Monday morning.  One of those mornings where one’s brain is not quite ready to function when the alarm goes off, and wants to be rawther grumpy as a result.  I made the mistake of choosing The Suburbs as my bus-ride music.  It is a wonderful album, from a talented band.  But listening to an album about being out-of-place and seeking more than the suburbs have to offer as one rides on a bus from the suburbs, through the dirtiest, deadest parts of the city is not conducive to psyching oneself up for the week ahead.

Flat white box

Much happier to contemplate is a box of macarons.  As the label suggests, these macaroons are from Essence, a small café in Tempe that specializes in delicious foods made from fresh and local ingredients.

Small, brightly colored macaroons in a box

When eating at Essence, I have always gotten the full-sized macarons, which are just the right size to savor with a cup of coffee.  The little ones, however, are more like chocolates–so bright and appealing in their box, little enough that if one doesn’t satisfy, you can try another.  I don’t know if I can claim a favorite…the caramel cream is good, so is the espresso, and French chocolate, and, as I discovered, the orange.  As you can see, they go as quickly as a box of chocolates, too.

(If those of you who don’t live in the Phoenix area are feeling hungry, Essence ships!)

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