Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new blog!  I am Allison, a librarian by profession and a blogger since 2007.  My myriad other hobbies include, at a glance, photography, reading, traveling, knitting, fashion, music, random architectural details, and pinecone collecting, and are the primary source of my blogging fodder.
This blog was a long time coming…  I hope that at least some of you followed me here from Blogger, where I blogged as Wendolene at Shop on the High Street.  Shop on the High Street was my learning-to-blog blog, where I worked out my blogging voice and learned that photography requires a staggering amount of light.  My approach to branding was a little haphazard, and I went through a few layouts and color schemes along the way.  After a few years, I was much more confident as a blogger, but my Blogger-driven blog was not really doing what I wanted it to.   I was finally confident enough to blog under my own name, but Shop on the High Street was primarily a knitblog, so I always felt a little apologetic when I strayed from knitting to any of the other myriad things that interest me.  Then there was the search engines’ confusion of my blog, named in homage to all things British, with actual shops on actual high streets.
A class project involving a WordPress blog sealed the deal: I wanted a WordPress blog, and I wanted it to have the Chunk theme.  Thus began the process of choosing a theme, a title, a logo, and moving house.  Deciding what the aesthetic of my new blog would be, and how I would encapsulate that in the title and look of my blog was a bit maddening.  I had a very clear vision in my head of what I wanted to convey: a collection of the myriad little things that elevate everyday life beyond the ordinary.
Whitewashed stairs…

A whitewashed spiral staircase
…the reflection of the sky in a stream…

Tree tops and clouds reflected in still water

…a new shawl on a drizzly day.

A young woman wearing a red shawl

Finally, it came to me: Anti-Quotidian.  Everyday, but not.  It is as close to a perfect encapsulation of my aesthetic as possible.  I am very pleased with my new blogging him, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too!

P.S. For all its missteps and poorly-lit pictures, I couldn’t leave my old blog to wither away.  I am a librarian, after all.  Thanks to WordPress’ import tools, I was able to bring all of Shop on the High Street over here.  All the old posts are linked from the tab at the top.  Check it out, if you are so inclined!

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