Now I Remember Why I Dislike Sewing

I was bent on having a tablecloth for my graduation party. Finding some cute (inexpensive!) Ikea fabric was no problem, and thank Gawd it was just wide enough for the selvedges to serve as seams (our table is really long).

But then there’s arranging everything on the ironing board correctly so the weight of the fabric doesn’t pull the tablecloth-in-progress out from under one as one attempts to iron the seam. And ironing the fold out of three yards without re-wrinkling what’s just been pressed smooth. And then there’s the Funstyler. It’s a machine, right? But every time I get that thing out, something goes wrong. This time, the thread would not tension properly. Just adjust the tension wheel, right? No, not unless you’re Mum, who had fiddle here, fiddle there to appease the beast.

Well, joke’s on you, Funstyler–the tablecloth is done, and you’re back in the closet while I cozy up with some knitting.

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