Cold Snap!

No series of unfortunate events diverted graduation, Christmas went by without a hitch, and New Year’s has already zipped by–all of which is very hard for me to believe.

The Powers that Be were feeling extra benevolent this season, though, because we even got several days of Serious Cold. Not just anything-below-70-feels-freezing cold, actual cold, with overnight frosts. Need I say I was in heaven? That’s me above, warm and cozy and thrilled to death in my vintage Pendleton jumper, Purl Beret, Flower Basket Shawl, and Knucks.

(Those of you who live places where Real Cold is nothing to get excited about may be perplexed by all the greenery in the background. I kid you not, that’s how the scenery looks year round.)

Past years’ knitting vindicated, I am raring to finish up the last trailing UFOs from 2010 and leap into some new projects for 2011. What’s on your knit list for the new year?

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