It’s a Taxi!

I finally got a picture. I’ve been too busy not to get run over by them to get a good picture of one in action, so here’s a parked taxi Mousie and I found on our way to this place:

You may have heard of it. By the grace of a stranger, we got a groundling ticket for the box office rate and got to stand right up front for King Henry IV, Part One. It was a fabulous show, enthusiastically performed, and humorous enough to set straight anyone with the idea that Shakespeare is meant to be completely solemn and dignified. Being a groundling is essentially standing, like at a rock concert, and it’s the best–the actors walk through the crowd to make many entrances and exits, you can see really well, and unlike most rock concerts I’ve been to, the crowd was really well behaved. The two ladies behind me even suggested a good angle for a photo:

Mousie and I were quite pleased.

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