Changing Gears

We in the desert have lucked out with an exceptionally mild spring. Only now is it beginning the transition from gloriously pleasant to hotter than the dickens, which means it’s time to transition into a new phase of knitting projects.

My hands were getting sore from all the projects I’d be doing on tiny needles, so I took a break from that branch of crafting and zipped up a recycled materials tote bag.

I am thrilled to death with it–this is exactly how I envisioned it turning out. Big deal, you say, it’s just a square of jersey fabric sewn on a bag. Scoff not:the last time I tangled with the Funstyler, it won.

The knit-free day lasted just that long–a day–and then it was back to the needles. I finished up my Pinwheel Shawl, and am similarly pleased with the result:

The pattern is incredibly simple, and as promised in Knitalong, shows off fancy yarns to great advantage. The two I used were Malabrigo (left over from Hermanita’s Firebird) and Parisienne (purchased during my post-semester meltdown). For being so little, it’s incredibly warm, and will serve me well during the months of freezing A/C.

Now I’m ready for something on bigger needles, with bigger yarn, so the Top-Down Shoulder Warmer may finally get its turn!

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