Leaf Cardigan Reveal

Here it is, at long last. It’s been over a month since Hermanita’s birthday, but first she had to block it, then I needed to remember to ask her to model when there was still some light left.

Pattern: Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties, by Stephanie Japel (32″ size)
Yarn: Cascade Dolce in Lavender Pearl (938?), not quite 6 skeins

This was a very nice pattern–simple and straightforward. Because I had to knit away from prying eyes, this got to be a bit boring, but it would be a great project for knit nights/TV knitting. To make things even simpler, I did the sleeves in the round. My row gauge changed slightly, but this didn’t matter because the sleeves only need to be a certain length, not a certain number of rows.

As to the color: generally I eschew pastels (repressed memories c. 1990) in favor of earthy or bold colors. But see how the walls are almost exactly the same color as the sweater? That’s Hermanita’s room. Need I say more?

Next up, some current knits as they relate to that omnipresent force, my Stash.

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