I suppose my last entry would’ve been a good time to mention that school started and I won’t be able to blog as often as I’d (or you’d) like until mid-December.

And I don’t have any pictures of my current project, because it is a top-secret Christmas gift for Hermanita, who actually reads here.

But I have been knitting! My kit bag has become my everything-but-the-kitchen sink bag, holding my knitting, my writing implements, and my purse notions. After forgetting my locker key so many times my boss suspiciously asked if I’d lost it, I threw everything in the bag and don’t leave the house without it.

With my knitting always handy (and my pattern memorized), I can pull out my knitting any time and pretend that I haven’t a care in the world. I can pretend that I am getting Important Things done (nevermind that mongo Pottery Analysis book sitting at home), and I can pretend that I’ve gotten so far on this, it’s a matter of a week or so before I start a new project, like this skirt in the new Knitty, which had to go live just as the semester blossomed into a many-headed hydra. I can pretend that the weather is veering dangerously towards cold (today’s high: a nippy 96), and turning all this woolyness into warm goods is a matter of dire importance.

One thing I will not do is pretend that blogging is something I Positively Must get done. Does that sound counterintuitive? According to normal logic, yes. According to my logic? Not at all.

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