Amoeba on a Stick!

Not really. It’s a February Baby Sweater, my first foray into the designs of Elizabeth Zimmerman. I’m hoping to create something unique but classic, along the lines of this or this rendition.

Once again, we have the White Stripes-esque color scheme of my Baby Ull stash. Maybe something little Scarlett White would wear. And, once again, I don’t have a baby handy, which is why I’m going for classic. Even if they will cover every article of clothing (theirs and their mothers’) with unspeakable liquids, babies do deserve to be dressed in style.

2 responses to “Amoeba on a Stick!”

  1. Looking forward to see more of this. And good luck with your Zimmermann adventures, I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m planning to knit a few Zimmermann things myself, including this baby sweater.

  2. Thanks! I’ve already ripped back, a ways, which is not so disappointing when you can tell yourself you’re <>actually<> customizing the pattern : ) I look forward to seeing your EZ creations!

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