As the perspicacious among you will notice, I rearranged and tidied up my sidebars a bit. Nothing groundshaking. Just…

A blogroll, containing the blogs I read regularly. Ooh. Aah. Note I said regularly; there are other blogs I read, all of which are quite good, but not regularly because the authors don’t post regularly. (Yes, that was pointed. If your left ear has begun to burn, go post!!!)

A a few more items in the “Music to Knit To” section. This is not a euphemism for “bands I like.” While I do like all these bands, they are not the sole contents of my iPod. To be included, an entire CD must have the ability to smooth a rocky shaping section, speed along a dull plain stretch, and generally make my knitting more pleasurable. What about Pandora? It’s actually an online radio, I know. But it’s among my favorite things to mess around with online. You can make stations with good knitting music–how’s that?

And I finally got my pictures back and uploaded them to my Santa Monica post. I realized that I never blogged about the KIPping. Cuanto lo siento. It’s in the poststript now.

Something I didn’t do was fix the way my profile picture appears. Does anybody know how to get it to move up? It really bugs me that it’s pushed down like that.

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