It’s Good to Be Free




School is out, and I am free!!!! Every time I think of it, I get excited all over again. After replenishing my soul with music (note title and intro are both Oasis references), I feel fully prepared to enjoy my time off.

My first urge was to run to my LYS and browse about. I have a zillion things that I want to knit (NOW) but seeing as I only have two hands and three projects on the needles–not to mention that little destash vow–I resisted. Before I can set one foot in a yarn store, I have to make considerable progress on at least one of these projects.

Icarus is my current target. It is getting to the unwieldy stage, but as you can see in the picture, I’m into the frilly edgy bit. In more technical terms, I am halfway through the third chart (of four). Being able to quantify my progress is really helping to keep me motivated. The other motivator is the thought of a few instant gratification projects followed by the opportunity to make a yarn purchase. Within destash mission guidelines. Of course.

As a direct result of being a full-time student, my definition of “nothing” is rawther skewed. When I get back to school and everyone is asking what the others did over break, people who are still hyped up over their huge vacation to see the seven wonders of the world are really at a loss when they hear that I was equally gleeful to do nothing all summer. But for me, nothing is

Knitting nonstop (por supuesto)

Reading at a similar rate until I get into

Writing fiction which may not be very good but still thrills me to death.

Not to mention doing all the stuff that is wholly insignificant in the scheme of things but good fun for me because I don’t get to do any of it during the school year.

So for the remainder of the summer, you can expect to see exuberant accounts of nothing. I hope some of them will be sufficiently entertaining to provoke a comment or two, because I love comments. They’re like little miniblogs in and of themselves.

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