101 Things One Would Never Expect to Happen

(In the order they happened)

1. Winning the tooth-counting contest in Dental Anthropology. I really don’t know what to say about that one.

(My grand prize doubles as an oversized-necklace holder.)

2. I’m off deskwork. Remember how I had an operation to improve my hearing this winter? It didn’t work, and my hearing is worse than before. My boss agreed that it would be better for me to step away from customer service until I can actually hear what the customers are saying, so I’ve been switched back to my old department. The work is dirty and tiring, but requires neither hearing nor personability and is wonderfully mindless.

3. You know the Colour? The band whose only full-length CD ranks among my all-time favorites and who caused untold distress en mi casa when they announced they were disbanding? Monita y yo asistí un concierto este fin de semana. We were standing there, waiting for the inevitable agony that was two opening bands to begin. They were two groups of small fame, We Barbarians and Eagle Seagull. In my experience, hearing a good opener when the headliner is still pretty underground is like finding a needle in a haystack. Not outside of the realm of possibility, but you go through a lot of hay.

Well. This is the guitarist from We Barbarians,

and he kinda looks like the guitarist from the Color because he IS the guitarist from the Colour.

Monita and I nearly died right then and there. The Colour’s drummer and bassist are the other two Barbarians, and they’re good. It was a set of sheer musical joy, and totally made up for the fact that Eagle Seagull are as ridiculous as their name.

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