Recent Obsessions

Of the musical variety include:

Mr. Pitiful Monita y yo asistí a un concierto por Matt Costa, opened up by the Delta Spirit, and it was awesome. The only song I knew before the show was Cold December (iTunes free download many many weeks back), which usually reduces one’s enjoyment of the music at hand. Not this time. I really loved some of the other songs, but Mr. Pitiful has such cute, catchy piano–and Matt Costa’s got it streaming on his site.

Well Thought Out Twinkles Another single. Lined up together, these two make me look like a singles-monger. I don’t love it because it’s a single–I love it because it’s an awesome song.

Canyon Girl Not a single, but lyrically clever. My iPod takes quite a lot of liberties shuffling, but does a good job of bringing up this song con frequencia.

Knitting obsessions? Quant’s teeny tiny squares have taken a cut in popularity after I dredged up some gift/stash knitting. Worked in stockinette. Without shaping. With two strands of yarn held together. In my defense, my confidence had taken a severe battering over the week.

Sadly, this is a pictureless post, but I can’t justify running around with a camera until I’ve slogged through Chavin and the Origins of Andean Civilization, a book which would be interesting if I wasn’t supposed to be done with it yesterday.

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