The Boxy Version

Hello dear readers! It is with excitement bordering on utter and complete terror that I am here to announce testing is open for my new design, the Boxy Superlite Top! The Handmade MAL featuring its predecessor, the Superlite Top, is still going strong, but it’s already time to iron out the wrinkles and get this little number out into the world!

Simplistic schematic of Boxy Superlite Top in pen on paper
I swear, my design skills are better than my drawing skills.

The Boxy Superlite top will have the same square neckline and mosaic stitch motif but has straight sides and three inches of positive ease built into the body on all nine sizes 30″-62″. It is knit out of the gloriously soft and elegant Traveling Yarn Paloma, and Sarah is *very* generously offering testers a 25% discount for Paloma or 757! (I mean you can also knit out of stash yarn too but just in case your stash has every single yarn possible except the right one for this test… 😉 )

There are a dozen other details I am definitely forgetting but I am hosting the test on Yarnpond now through May 31 so head over there to get all the rest of the details and join in! I can’t wait to knit with you!

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