All the Socks

Welcome back, everyone. I got stuck for a few weeks there trying to make a perfect post instead of just a completed post so here we go.

The days are hot, the nights are cold, and my Globe Mallow just won’t quit. This plant brings me so much joy.

Two socks, one shirt and one crew length, in different shades of green with darning in the same shade of green

It’s been all socks, all the time around here. First up, some already-knitted socks got darned up and put back in the sock drawer, hooray!

White woman’s ankles and feet in daintily cabled ankle socks. A cat’s toes pose alongside.

Then I finished knitting a pair of socks! These are the Together Apart socks by Dawn Landix, and I managed to make the cuff big enough to fit my foot by casting on and knitting the first round in needles one size larger than the ribbing needles. Hooray!

I like this short cuff length for wearing with my hiking boots: crew-length socks aren’t always necessary here in Phoenix and shorties will pinch inside the high ankle of my boots. For once I followed instructions and knit the foot of the sock in the larger size of needles called for in the pattern. The little cables look very pretty at a slightly more relaxed gauge, but I think I prefer the chewier fabric of a sock knitted on a size 1 needle. The only way to know is to try doing it differently, right? These will still get plenty of wear but if I make them again I’ll keep the size 1 needle for the whole sock to give me that snug fabric I like so well.

Bright pink, scarlet, and yellow socks with a short row toe that looks like sections of citrus on green grass

Next up? More socks! These are the Citrus Sunrise socks from Handmade and they are so cute I can’t take it. Those little wedges on the toe!

This is my first time knitting toe up and corrugated rib. My brain so wants to overthink both of those things and I can’t decide if I should listen or just keep telling it *no* very firmly. Maybe a little fit session is in order.

Either way I’m going to keep working away at these socks until they are done! If I want to get the office cleaned out any time in the near future, the total number of WIPs has to start going down and project monogamy is my best hope at that.

So buckle up, dear readers. We’ve got one more sock post guaranteed and then we’re off to plumb the depths of the WIP cart!

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