The Yarn Room

Tradescantia with raindrops

Welcome back, everyone! I hope your Valentimes went well. Ours came to a screeching halt when not one but two kids came down with colds and immediately shared them with Mommy and Daddy. Nothing special, just the same kind of cold you’ve had a hundred times and will have a hundred times again.

We lost the weekend and the start of the week to a grumpy haze, but after these final, cold and rainy days spent resting, I think we might be getting back on track.

All that resting and grumpiness was not particularly conducive to projects so let’s take a peek into the yarn room!

Brown tabby with her feet tucked in a loaf peering possessively out of a baby’s crib
Malthus liked the crib far more than Dollop ever did

My yarn landed in the dining room when we first moved to this house. It was lovely and spacious, but unfortunately not meant to be permanent. The idea was that when the baby moved out of the odd little room we used as a nursery, my yarn would move in.

Second babies take a lot more work than I thought, so Dollop was well ensconced in his big boy room when we finally bought a dining room set and the need to move my stuff became imminent. I still had this idea that I’d take a few weeks to dig deep into all my stashes, get things tidied up and organized, and move everything into the little spare room over several days.


We got a call a week after we bought the set that it would arrive in three hours. If you ever need to empty a room on short notice, may I recommend a four-year-old. Smol Bean and I got that dining room emptied in three hours, and he had the best. Time. Ever.

Unfortunately the old nursery ended up spending several months looking like it had been filled by a four-year-old.

Messy pink room with piles of fiber craft stuff and one gorgeous Janelle Garza painting

It got to the point that I would actively avoid going in there, for anything, so my gentle goal for this year has been to work on turning my little messy space into someplace more inspiring and comfortable to work in.

Same room, slightly less messy, with more pictures

When I say gentle, I mean I expect it to take all year just to clean the top layer of disarray off. So far, pictures are off the floor and on the walls. I had very much hoped to finish all the mending but the sewing machine had other ideas so that all got put into a tidy little tote until I am ready to go back for round two. I put away the papers in the filing cabinet, and the fleece* is sort of contained. Not entirely. I lost a picture hanging nail in there and have a feeling it won’t be found until every gram of floof has been carded.

The pictures bring me so much joy, I love craning my neck up to look at them all.

Up next: the knitting mending and desk projects.

Wire and grass baskets full of spinning fiber and yarn, with bonus Luke Skywalker action figure tucked in with the spinning fiber.
(Action figure not included with finished yarn)

Tell me about your crafting space! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about it?

*The fleece is a raw fleece, and a bit of a saga, which will have its own post one day.

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