Welcome back readers! I am not really sure what happened during the past two weeks except there was a lot of cleaning. Then organizing. And picture hanging. And then more cleaning. The house is consequently in a strange, upside down state where the top layer is untidy but the bottom layer is exquisitely organized. It feels a little weird but I’ll definitely enjoy it while it lasts.

Valentine’s Day fell on a very Monday kind of Monday this year. Laundry, dishes, and also a trip to *both* the vet and the pediatrician. Yes, Querido and I had a little celebration, but it seemed a little sad to not do more. So instead of celebrating love on just one day, I’m going to celebrate it like my eldest says it: Valentimes. All week, I’m going to try to focus on celebrating my love for those around me and also try to include some self love too.

Photo of a hand atop the Superlite Top pattern page atop a cluttered desk

Tuesday’s batch of self love looked like cleaning nine years of Christmas cards off my desk so I could photograph my gorgeous copy of Handmade: Slow Fashion Inspired by Arizona’s 5 Cs that arrived in the mail yesterday. Fun trivia, Valentine’s Day is also Arizona’s statehood day, a fitting release date for a book inspired by the commodities that sustained the young state’s economy in the early 20th century. The book is so gorgeous and I am so honored to be included, I hope you’ll all check out the other lovely designs in here!

Heart shaped rock balanced on an outcropping of gray rocks

Today I took a hike, and we had extra stories before naptime. Tomorrow, I don’t know, and that’s ok: you will all be shocked to learn I have a tendency to over-plan, and sometimes it’s kinder to let the day unfold the way everyone needs it to.

Happy Valentimes, everyone. I’m going to keep the love coming with more posts, this month and in the months to come, and I hope you’ll take a moment to show yourself some love this week ❤️

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