The Hard Post

Scarlet globe mallow flower with some small insects inside

(Note: I found this post in my drafts 6/25 and I am not sure how it came to be there. I apologize and am republishing with minor edits)

Hello all, I am checking in briefly to make clear my thoughts and feelings on the recent discussions of race, diversity, and inclusion in the knitting community.

I am sad to say that up until this winter I mostly lived in a world where the designers, dyers, and bloggers I followed looked like me and I didn’t think much of it.

That is not ok and I am sorry.

My Instagram feed, my biggest source of information on the crafting world, is now more diverse.

I have read the words of Sukrita (@su.krita), @thecolormustard, Ocean (@ocean_bythesea), Grace Anna Farrow (@astitchtowear), Helen (@keinhelm4), and (@tina.say.what), of Rachel Cargle and Layla F. Saad, Kate O’Sullivan (@kateo_sullivan) and Ysolda (@ysolda), and I have bought many coffees to thank the people who are giving so much hard emotional labor to these conversations.

(Edited to add: I presented a mix of given names and Instagram handles based on how these writers identify themselves online and where they post primarily. Rachel Cargle and Layla F. Saad are present on multiple platforms. No names are linked to encourage you take a moment to be thoughtful before you enter their spaces. If the lack of links presents an accessibility challenge let me know and I can revisit.)

Lots more self-education is needed—I’ll be hitting podcasts and books next—but by mid year my goal is to have educated myself enough to have a less scattershot plan for supporting diversity and inclusion in the crafting world.

More posts on this topic will follow (slowly, I do not expect to magically become a more regular blogger through this process), and my hope is that all readers will feel they are welcome to comment and engage in this space. If I have made any readers uncomfortable, I apologize, and if you or your allies are willing to offer feedback I would be grateful to have it so I can do better in the future.

Thank you everyone ❤

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