State of the Stash: Final Reckoning for 2017

Cake of olive green yarn dyed by Gherkin's Bucket

Hello dear readers and welcome back! I have a finished object to share with you all, but it occurred to me that it might, just maybe, be a good idea to sum up my 2017 stashing before the end of 2018’s first quarter.

I started beating myself up about my lackluster knitting output, but then I checked out 2016’s numbers.  I knitted a lot more, but I also bought a ton of yarn in 2016.  Seriously, a ton.  I want to know how many pounds I accumulated because it had to be A LOT.

The total number of projects knitted last year was 25

  • 8 accessories
  • 12 baby things
  • 3 home goods
  • 1 art object
  • 1 sweater

This is a less positive drop: I knitted 36 projects in 2016, and 33 in 2015.  Looking back over what I knitted, though, I was happy to see projects for many friends and family, several test knits, and one long-term WIP.  It makes me happy to share my knitting output with the knitworthy people in my life.  I value every opportunity to test knit, too, for the way it gets me thinking about projects much more deeply than usual.

Now for the yardage: last year I knitted 7,485 yards, way down from 12,737 in 2016 and also less than the 8,697 yards knitted in 2015.  Thankfully, there was a corresponding drop in yards added: only 12,958 yards of yarn entered my stash, down from that whopping 33,531 in 2016, and the slightly more responsible increase of 16,050 in 2015.  I say added and not purchased because with just two spinning projects I added a couple hundred yards of handspun.  Perhaps it is for the best that my spinning career has not taken off?!

That makes a ratio of  57.76% yards knitted to yards stashed.  Taken alone, this number is not overly impressive, but in 2016 my ratio was 38% (like I said, a ton of yarn) and in 2015 it was 54%.  I know Querido will look at that and point out that this means my stash has grown in each of the past three years, to which I respond: I am knitting you maroon and gold socks with 400-odd yards of that stash.  Maroon and gold!!!

But back to the task at hand.  The state of the stash has been recorded, last year’s purchases reckoned with, and now I can focus fully on a new year of knits.  Onward and upward!

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