State of the Stash – Second Quarter

Cake of sparkly blue yarn dyed by Gherkin's Bucket

Thank you all for your kind comments on my latest FOs!  On the other side of the scale, I’m here today to talk about the yarn that’s come into my stash in the past few months.  You’ll recall at the end of the first quarter, I was on my way to breaking even, having already knitted up 59% of the yardage I’d brought into the stash in 2017.

Well, the second quarter tells a different tale.  All of the yarn for the baby knits you saw in the last post were knitted from yarn newly purchased for the purpose, and I never did go on the washcloth-knitting binge I assured myself I would have if there were leftovers.

Then there was my going-away gift from my coworkers back in Kansas.  They knew just what I like, and gifted me a three-month subscription to the Fiberista Club sock club.  It was delightful and brought me three months of pretty yarn, but less than a third got knitted up.

When I was at Tempe Yarn and Fiber buying yarn for the Jonesy Cat I discovered that they have added the local dyer Gherkin’s Bucket to their already impressive local yarn lineup.  I started playing with color combos, and magically, received enough for a Find Your Fade shawl for my birthday.

Not long after that, I was at Mesa’s Fiber Factory.  Mesa really isn’t that far away, but I am almost never out there, so I thought I’d buy a souvenir skein…or four.  What can I say…I wanted a nice, firm, plied American wool for my second crack at the Master Knitter designation and there was a little cubby of Shepherd’s Wool, American made and everything.


Does that seem like a lot of yarn to you?  Yeah…it is.  My painfully honest Excel spreadsheet tells me it was 6,145 yards, with only 1,933 yards leaving the stash in this quarter.  That brings my ratio for the year to date to 42%.  Hmm.  Not so good but not so far behind that I’m going to lose hope.  Back to the needles!

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