Wovember Words: Cats and Wool

This post made me smile because it is so spot on. I was surprised that the Wovember contributors did not have pictures of their cats attempting to catch yarn as it is being knitted: even more than to making nests and sleeping on WIPs, that is the KITTENS’ favorite way to enjoy wool!


For this last WOVEMBER WORDS post of 2014 we celebrate our feline friends.

The strong association of wool with cats is indicated every year in the wondrous photos that you submit to our photo competition. Every wool worker I know with a cat attests to the special affinity that this beast feels for the following items: raw sheepy fleece; perfectly prepared fibres, ready for spinning; heirloom hand knits; balls of yarn; and anything made of WOOL that is precious to the cat owner. Cats love WOOL for its warming, insulating properties, and seemingly cannot wait to nap on/play with it. I was reminded of this association while reading the highly recommended book “Guddicks – Traditional Riddles from Shetland” by Amy Lightfoot and Laurie Goodlad, for several guddicks (riddles) in this wondrous tome use Shetland dialect words for WOOL to allude to marvelous CATS!

“Guddicks – Traditional Riddles from Shetland” is…

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