Clouds above South Mountain

The monsoon has rolled over Phoenix like a giant slug, stifling us with icky damp humidity that rarely turns into rain. Our only reward is the cloudy mornings, which give a short break from the bright, sticky days. Although now that I’ve taken that picture and noticed how all the smog is nicely sandwiched between the clouds and the Valley, I will be slightly less enthused about breathing huge lungfuls of morning air.

Unfinished green cabled vest on a white chair
My creativity failed on this one and I arranged it in the “lumpy half-finished garment” pose

In knitting news, I sat myself down last night with Midnight in Paris and two bags of knitting: the Baby Thing and my Sexxxy Librarian vest (Click the link and check out how the pictures in that post are almost exactly the same as in this. I am feeling really, really unoriginal right now.) Somehow, the vest, my only project without a deadline, came out of its bag.

Knitting a mostly-finished project, off of a real pattern (not one I’m making up as I go along), while watching a movie I’d already seen before, was a lovely brain break. I will get back to deadline work later, but taking time off from that all, like our little breaks from glaring sunshine, was quite a reward.

4 responses to “Rewards”

  1. If it makes it any better, I miss the “epicness” of the monsoon seasons. Now that we live in Oregon, it’s either drizzling, partly cloudy, or (occasionally) sunny, but no thunder or seasonal storms are there to shake it up…

    • Thank you for pointing that out! Even I will admit that lightning storms are pretty thrilling…even though they don’t do a thing for the humidity.

  2. I love the monsoons………………… actually gives us ‘weather’ here in the valley of the SUN! I am anxious to see your vest completed. I think it is going to be quite attractive.

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