Secret Sweater Reveal

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! My Greenies sweater is speeding along, but not there yet. How’s about that finished object I promised?

All last fall, after finishing the ginormous blanket, I labored in absolute 100% secret on two sweaters, one for each hermanita. They were both getting ready to graduate, and I thought that a big milestone deserved a big knitted gift. So the sweaters began.

Woman modeling a red sweater
Mahvelous, dahling

First I started the harder one, a fair isle pullover for Monita. Then I began a Jilted for Hermanita. I was promptly addicted.

Jilted is a pullover knitted in one piece from the top down on size 8 needles. I had been doing a lot of projects with skinny yarn, not to mention the neverending blanket, so when Jilted started to vroom along, I was hooked. It was so easy! So fast! Once the yoke was complete, there was no shaping on body or sleeves!

I substituted the recommended yarns for Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. Although I have my reservations about the sustainability of cashmere, the colors are to die for and the Hermanita is sensitive to scratchy wools. My only other modification was to add some length to the body and sleeves. I am not a huge fan of cropped anything, and Hermanita has a long torso like me. Without any shaping, I just whacked the extra length on to the end and went on my way.

Woman modeling a red sweater
The fabric likes to fold along the dropped stitches, making it difficult to block

The dropped stitches add just the right amount of hip to the pattern, but the fabric likes to fold along those lines, so don’t rush the blocking like I did: take the time to give those details some TLC!

I am pleased to report Hermanita loves her sweater. After the frogging of my O w l s, a success like that was just what I needed to get my sweater-knitting confidence back!

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