The Movie Blanket

Knitted orange blanket on a white chair
So it sort of looks like a crumply orange blob…

Summer is wearing thin. The euphoria of rediscovering its freedom is gone, the wonder of the length of the days is gone. There haven’t been any monsoons. Swimming–why bother?

This is the time where we retreat inside, bury ourselves in distractions. I have found myself watching a lot of movies. Summer movies. To match the sort of entertainment that requires your attention, but not all of it, I have been churning away at a project that requires my attention, but not all of it: the Ground Cover blanket.

Just over seven squares are done now. There is a R.I.P.D. square and a Despicable Me 2 (that one was the day we went to the movies with a little kid and had to find something PG or under). A few squares I finished in one setting. The names of the movies we were watching while I knitted those squares escape me: all I remember is that things exploded and the characters didn’t particularly interest me. So pick a blockbuster, any blockbuster and insert its name. They’re good for knitting.

There is at least one Luther square. Hermanita got me hooked on this show, and I have passed the addiction along to Querido. So good. So creepy. Oh how Ruth Wilson freaks me out. The show is mostly dialog and suspense, not a lot of action, and makes a good counterpoint to action adventure blockbusters. I will warn you, though, there are moments where you will have to drop your knitting to clutch the shirt of the person watching next to you and shout “Dear gawd don’t open that door!”

We are now almost to August, which means two more months of hideously dragged out heat and two more months to finish the Ground Cover blanket. The new season of Luther hasn’t been released in the States…Any suggestions for more knitting movies?

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