And Now for the Icky Part of Summer

Pink knitted potholder in progress
No brain required.

Hello, my bloggy peeps. If you are not in Phoenix right now, congratulations. The monsoon is here, making the weather hazy and muggy and generally awful. Truly. I’m not just bellyaching this time.

My knitting has been all over the board lately. I finished the red sweater that would never end, which gets its own post because it took 18 months to finish, and then dove into little stash projects. Above you see a potholder-to-be, knitted with some churro yarn that I bought at last year’s Flagstaff Fiber Festival.

I went to Ravel this new little project, and discovered that my Ravelry page is in need of some TLC. As I attempted to tidy things up (add photos, update progress, etc), I realized that this is because my knitting corner needs a little TLC. I have more UFOs than I’d like, some skeins that are not being knitted have crept into the knits-in-progress bin, and I can’t for the life of me remember what I did with my Ground Cover info. Have any of you experienced that kind of moment?

Rectifying the mess will require some knitting, some stash photographing, some Ravelry time, and a lot of space. I think I’ve found a way to spend the weekend inside. Any tips for efficiently getting my knitting sorted out?

2 responses to “And Now for the Icky Part of Summer”

  1. Love that herringbone stitch. Hang in there. The heat won’t be forever, but I know it feels like it will in the throes. I live in the land of much humidity.

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