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That knitting thing?  It totally worked.  Maybe not so well as it might have, because that big, long, glorious neverending swoop of spare time that Thanksgiving looks like on Wednesday went down the drain in a massive slurp of visiting, errands, and much-put-off chores.  I liked the visiting part, but it involved ever-oh-so-much driving, and I can’t drive and knit at the same time.

(Note to innovators: forget improving copying machines [lost cause], sending people to Mars, and artificial intelligence.  Just get a move on that self-driving car.)

I would love to regale you with the tales of my knitting, or a frankenknits project I brought to fruition, but my brain did not get rested over the weekend, so hours of staring at the screen would produce content but not quality, and it’s getting dark early so any pictures I take are pretty bad too (think novice photographer who doesn’t know how to use settings on a digital camera and takes FO pictures with the aid of mirror in a bathroom with one 40-watt bulb ca. 2003.  Yes, I was there too.).

So rather than write you a post you’ll spend the day pretending you didn’t read, go over to Courtney’s blog and read her totally awesome post about what to say to someone you’ve just found out is a librarian.  Terrific advice: please take it.

(And to corroborate: yes, knowledge of Dewey is not impressive.  Most public libraries use it.  Tell me you are well-versed in SuDocs, and then you have my attention.)

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