Brand New Colony

Go vote. Please. If nobody gets elected, random pre-recorded voices will keep calling me, and political signs will continue to make it impossible to see around busy street corners, and NPR will keep covering swing states instead of interesting random things that have absolutely nothing to do with my everyday life but make me so happy.

I wish I could say you voting will put wonderful people in office, and make wonderful ballot propositions pass, but right now, I am pretty thoroughly disgusted with everyone and everything that has anything whatsoever to do with politics.

The whole nasty mess makes me think of the Postal Service song Brand New Colony (just pick one of the results, but try to avoid the covers). For me, that song is happy because it is about every sweet, kind attempt to make everything all better, and terribly sad because it does so knowing that every good intention is utterly futile. I like to think that Ben Gibbard was thinking about The Tempest as he wrote “Brand New Colony.” As taught by the brilliant Ayanna Thompson, The Tempest has a lot about trying to create that brand new colony, where everything will change, but ultimately failing because we cannot escape the sociopolitical structures that existed wherever we came from. We may attempt to erase all our past mistakes in a brand new colony, but we will ultimately fail.

And so election day rolls around again. Every news station will be covering the election! the election! the election! but at least now that you’ve read this post, you’ve got your daily dose of random.

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