Why There Are No Pictures Today


I recently upgraded to OS Lion, and it has decided, that since it didn’t eat any programs or files, it is entitled to ignore the existence of all of my cameras.  So the pictures I took of a haboob coming in the other night remain in the bowels of my camera.  Mrmph.

While my IT skills are not negligible, many of them can be summed up in IT Crowd quotes.  My favorite, “have you tried turning it off and on again?” (which works best when bellowed in an Irish accent, a la Chris O’Dowd), did not solve the problem, so I took the Moss approach of Googling the question.

Unlike in the IT crowd, my question had an answer online.  I have to wait to get home to try it out, but if all goes well, step two of my computer troubleshooting process will be the final step, and you will all have pictures of a gnarly storm tomorrow.

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